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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  If you give me a quote, will you ever exceed that price?

           a.  Not for the work listed on the quote.

           b.  Sometimes we will run into unusual situations after we start the job that may require additional work.  We will always                      stop to inform you of the situation and complete another quote for any price changes and present them to you for approval.

2.  What is your normal response time?

           a.  For emergency calls - we will have a technician out the same day.  In some cases we can on-site within 60 minutes.  We cannot be held responsible for traffic, weather or other unforeseen items.

            b.  For service calls - they are scheduled during normal business hours.  We try and provide all our clients with an appointment the same day if possible.  We can call you when we are heading over to your home in order to give you time to meet us there.  This allows you to make any necessary arrangements to your schedule for the day.

            c.  Our office staff is in constant communication with our technicians to help expedite them to your home or office ASAP!

3.  Are you a licenced contractor?

            a.  Yes, NJ McCann Plumbing and Heating is a licenced plumbing contractor.

            b.  Remember if an unlicensed contractor completes work at your home, and anything goes wrong, you may have a problem with your insurance company paying for any related damages!!

4.  Do you have insurance?

            a.  Yes, NJ McCann Plumbing and Heating carries General Liablility Insurance, Workman's Compensation Insurance and insurance on all our vehicles.

            b.  For all of our Property Management clients, we can provide all necesary "added insured" endorsement your firm may require.

5.  What if I need something done in an emergency and you do not have the parts on your truck?

             a.  We have priority access to our supply houses in emergency situations.  If we do not have it and it is not available at the warehouse, we can contact a local supply house to gain access to the material needed.

6.  Are your technicians sub-contractors or employees?

              a.  NJ McCann Plumbing and Heating only has employees.  All our employees must be drug-free and have plassed a background check as well.  Each employee is a representation of our company and considered part of the NJ McCann family.

7.  What payment methods do we accept?

             a.  NJ McCann Plumbing and Heating accepts personal checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and cash.  





We are three blocks west of the New Hyde Park Post Office at the corner of S 9th Street and 2nd Avenue.

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